Want To Absorb More Of CBD? Put It Under Your Tongue

Best CBD Strains
Best CBD Strains
CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits

CBD has come to the centre stage and has begun garnering attention lately. Governments and societies alike have begun welcoming CBD with open arms; which is a testament to how the stigma and misconception have started to brush off of CBD.

A lot of producers and retailers have cropped up, who have started packaging and selling hundreds to different CBD products in different forms from gummy bears, tinctures and creams to vape oil and dabs. The flexibility in which CBD can be used gives a plethora of “choose and switch” options that many other medicinal drugs can’t offer.

But what works best for you and what doesn’t require for you to do a bit of trial and error and searching, to give optimum results. We look into one of the best ways to get CBD into your system! Read on…


Cannabidiol or CBD is a one in a family of ingredients called cannabinoids. These are found in the marijuana plant and include the likes of THC, CBGA, terpenes and flavonoids to name a few. CBD is a highly therapeutic substance that works like a charm to relieve pain and reduce the inflammation.

Unlike the picture wrongly painted, CBD does not cause you to become “high”. People have the uniformed opinion that CBD equals marijuana. This is far from the truth. The cannabinoid causing you to feel high is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC is a highly psychoactive substance, which makes you feel the euphoria that you experience when you consume or smoke a joint. CBD has no such “psychoactive” property and won’t make you feel high. CBD side effects are few and intoxication is not one of them!

Under The Tongue

CBD products come in the form of tinctures and oils that can be infused with other carrier oils and ingested. But rather than simply ingesting the oil, a much better way would be to simply hold it under the tongue…sounds simple enough?

The Science Of Sublingual Application

Sublingual is the Latin for “under the tongue”. The region under the tongue is capillary rich, and the blood vessels under the tongue readily absorb the CBD oil contents without it going through the route of drug destruction (via the liver).

The first pass metabolism through the liver reduces the effectiveness which is noticeable during oral ingestion only. Not only that, but by simply holding it under your tongue for a minute and then swallowing will help you to achieve the CBD benefits within a span of 10-17 minutes tops.