Comparing Hemp Derived And Marijuana Derived CBD

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil
Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil
Marijuana Derived CBD
Marijuana Derived CBD

CBD is one name that you must have been hearing frequently with every location in the US having at least one store that sells CBD. Cannabidiol is a compound extracted from cannabis plants but not all cannabis plants can be chosen as the source because the federal authorities have clearly specified the permissible level of THC in CBD products. The permissible THC concentration in CBD products is less than 0.3% and differences in plant source will alter the THC content of the CBD product.

CBD can be obtained from hemp as well as marijuana, both belonging to the cannabis family but the hemp derived CBD alone is legal in the US. In this session, we make a comparison of hemp-derived and marijuana derived CBD.

Comparison Of The Cannabinoid Content

The ratio between CBD and THC in hemp extract and marijuana extract are different. Hemp has high levels of CBD while the THC levels in it are minimal whereas marijuana has about 30% and more THC, a quantity sufficient to cause a high in the users.

Although it is assured that hemp extract contains very low THC levels, CBD manufacturers have to ensure that the THC content in their products is kept below 0.3% lest they will be deemed illegal. As the marijuana derived CBD has higher THC content, it still belongs to the list of Federal Controlled Drug Substances.


The US Farm Bill declared hemp CBD legal in 2018. Prior to the legalization, it belonged to the list of Federal Controlled Drug Substances just like marijuana CBD. The Farm Bill removed hemp CBD from the controlled substances list, and regarded it as an agricultural product but the bill strictly mentions the permissible THC levels.

Things are different with marijuana and it is still regarded as an illegal substance on the federal level, with its cultivation, transport, possession and sale considered a legal offense. The states have the right to formulate their own marijuana laws, and some have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational and medical purposes

Effect Profiles       

The effects of CBD vary according to the plant source it is derived from. The minimal THC content ensures that hemp CBD does not cause a high in the users, but instead gives a relaxing effect and helps cure several diseases. Marijuana CBD products have intoxicating nature and you will get a high if you use one. Even though marijuana CBD too has antidepressant and analgesic properties that can be effectively used in treating various diseases, its psychoactive nature blocks its progression towards a legal status.

The cannabinoid profile of hemp CBD and marijuana CBD confers them different properties that ultimately define their legal status. offers you a lot of information about the legality and properties of hemp CBD and products made out of it.