Different Variety Of High CBD Smoking Hemp Flowers

High CBD Strain
High CBD Strain
High CBD Strain
High CBD Strain

Smoking is one of the most effective methods to consume CBD because of its high bioavailability. For this, you inhale the vapours of grounded high CBD strain hemp flowers using a vaporiser. Because this market is growing at an incredible pace, many manufacturers offer high CBD strain flowers, but only a few are worth the buck. To get the maximum effect, the producer must grow and curate it properly to bring out its best properties. So, you have to purchase high quality products from reputable sellers. Listed below are some high CBD strain organic hemp flowers.

Papaya Nights

Papaya nights is a high CBD strain hemp flower that has more sativa characteristics and a terpene profile that tastes fruity, juice, haze and earthy. Smoking it helps you focus on creative work, and gives an uplifting and slightly euphoric experience. Besides, it has a sweet smell that is full of trichomes, giving a smooth feeling when smoking and leaves no bad aftertaste. The mild effects last from 30 to 40 minutes after smoking.

Mr. Rainbow

This is a very high CBD strain hemp flower with up to 22.3% cannabidiol and probably one of the best high CBD strain hemp flowers. It has a very high potency and a great terpene profile that gives an amazing taste and flavour. Besides, the effects last long enough after smoking, providing quick relaxing effects immediately. Hence, this is something more suitable for more experienced users.

CBG Flower

Cannabigerol (CBG) is another cannabinoid similar to cannabidiol that is found in high CBD strain flowers. In some flowers there is a higher concentration of CBG and its benefits include antibacterial properties along with GABA modulation. It has a nutty and earthy flavour with the effects from smoking similar to CBD.

Frosted Kush

This is a high CBD strain hybrid hemp flower that smells and tastes like Kush with a balanced flavour. You can indulge in the experience of smoking kush, but without the high involved with it due to the minimal amounts of THC.

Secret OG

This is a high CBD low THC strain hemp flower where the amount of THC is 0.05% and hence minimises the risk of failing a drug screening test if smoked. Also it has a really good tasting terpene profile, it is popular for recreational use without the high associated with THC.

These are some of the good high CBD low THC strain hemp flowers and when you are purchasing, ensure to go for organic products as they can give the best effects.