CBD For Managing Sciatica Pain

Best CBD Strains
Best CBD Strains
Best CBD Strains
Best CBD Strains

Two of the major properties of cannabidiol, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory, make it very useful in dealing with sciatic pain. Like all kinds of pain, this one also is followed by inflammation and hence, the use of CBD products made from best CBD strains for pain relief and inflammation might help. So, how is CBD useful in treating sciatic pain?

Causes For Sciatic Pain

This usually occurs due to damage of the Sciatic nerve from injury, obesity etc that adds strain to the spine compressing the nerve. Sitting for a long time also can cause stress or strain to the spine. As a result, the pain is felt along the path of the nerve and the pain subsides in a few hours and in some cases it becomes chronic requiring medical treatment. Treating sciatic pain is difficult because it is a combination of neuropathic and nociceptive pain i.e. pain due to tissue damage which disappears after the tissue heals.


It is understood from above that drugs are to be used to treat the inflammation and neuropathic pain. Moreover, the latter is usually treated by antidepressants and anticonvulsants that have side-effects. Because of CBD benefits such as anti-inflammatory and analgesic property along with the lack of side effects makes it an attractive alternative treatment option for both types of pain associated with sciatica. Therefore, it is very effective when used in combination with traditional medications.

CBD For Sciatica Pain

As stated above this pain is caused by neuropathic and nociceptive pain and as a result there will be inflammation. Hence you can confront the situation through multiple options such as CBD oil tinctures, capsules, creams, lotions or balms. Because of CBD’s effect on the endocannabinoid system and the pain receptors it helps to deal with the pain associated with the nerve damage along with reducing the inflammation. Therefore, consuming cannabidiol oil sublingually gives you quick pain relief and rubbing creams or lotions on the inflamed area reduces the localized pain and inflammation.


When it comes to CBD dosage there is no standard dosage because of the difference in the physiology of people and it requires a trial and error method to identify the optimal dosage. Moreover, it must be kept in mind that on first use some people might experience mild side effects which soon disappear when your body adapts to it. Hence, the general wisdom is to begin at a low dose and increase at regular intervals usually a week to arrive at the optimal dosage.

On a final note, you must discuss with your physician about your plan to try CBD for alleviating sciatica pain. Moreover, you must know that this is not a cure but an aid in managing the pain.