CBD: The Anti-Oxidant Superhero

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High Quality CBD Oil
CBD Benefits List
CBD Benefits List

CBD has been making its runs on social media and just about any news media outlets. But the news anchors ramble with a look of scepticism plastered across their face. I’m quite sure that even you may have raised an eyebrow over the CBD benefits list that the supposed “miracle drug” is able to conjure up! But if you are one of the tens of millions who have tried the lifesaving drug, then you will swear on your life that CBD, is a lot more than just hot air!

People are scrambling to find out how CBD can help them get a hold of their lives. Researchers are just as anxious and excited on finding out what this drug can do; to truly know CBD’s potential.

We come here with an interesting take of CBD on antioxidation; how this drug throws those pesky ‘radicals’ right out the window! Read on…

What Is “Antioxidation”?

Think of it as a drunk who stumbles with every step they take. They lose their footing and hit the floor with a thud! But what if they were sober? All would be fine and they would go about the day as high-functioning adults.

The excess of booze is what we will call the ‘free radicals’ in this case. The minute the free radicals start to accumulate excessively, it causes damage in the form of you losing control and hitting the floor. But without the free radicals, we will be healthier and out of harm’s way.

The process of removing the ‘free radicals’ from the body is what we call anti-oxidation. Fair enough?

Free Radicals: The Science Behind It

The free radicals that we spoke of as an analogy to ‘too much booze’ are actually unpaired electrons. What these free electrons do is that they create a cascading effect of damage to your DNA, your skin and your cells in general when it interacts with them. This is what is called an oxidative effect or simply oxidation.

If you have not figured out by now, oxidation of the cells is bad! And you will notice it readily as accelerated aging and weakened immunity among others. This is why it is important to stop the free radicals in their tracks before they do long term damage to your body!

CBD To The Rescue

The therapeutic benefits of CBD are known by now. The anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and anxiety soothing properties are ones that millions have gained from, but there is another we can add to the list; and that is its ability to neutralise free radicals. CBD’s anti-oxidative effects are quite impressive. Further the various neuroprotective effects of CBD are as a result of the anti-oxidative ability!

And the “entourage effect” of various cannabinoids only boosts the intensity of this ability.

CBD’s Entourage Effect And Antioxidation

The famed researcher Lester Packard, MD and author of “the Antioxidant Miracle” says in his book that the various antioxidants in the body work together in what is called a network effect. This is where the antioxidants work together in synergy. This is something different from the “entourage effect” where all the cannabinoids work together to enhance one’s ability. This is one that is solely between the antioxidants in the body allowing for a ‘total coverage’ of sorts.

What Science Has To Say On The Matter

The research of the potential of CBD is still just the tip of the iceberg; there is no doubt on the bulk load of studies that support the antioxidative effects of the miracle drug.

The neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD is a tangent off of the antioxidative effects of CBD. There is research and studies that are in support of CBD in curbing glutamate toxicity- a particularly potent toxicity that affects the brain and the nervous system. The researches that say that glutamate toxicity can be controlled with antioxidants are plentiful. As a matter of fact, the CBD did a lot better than either vitamin C or E in acting as a strong antioxidant against the same.

The U.S government has a patent namely 1999/008769, which is for the antioxidant and neuroprotectant abilities of CBD. It is written squarely on the patent of the “powerful antioxidant that CBD is”.

How To Use The CBD To Reverse Oxidation?

You can make use of CBD face creams and lotion to rejuvenate your skin and nullify the effects of the toxins causing the wrinkles and dark circles. Further make sure that you ingest and consume CBD on a regular basis, effectively making it a part of your balanced diet. The CBD could be included in your daily schedule either as capsules, or oils, or vapes or even CBD green tea! The choices are endless and you will be lying to yourself, if you say that there was nothing you could do, 20 years from now!

Hopefully this is another reason for you to try out CBD therapy as an alternative to the traditional ones.