Understanding CBD Strains Better

CBD And Drug Interactions
CBD And Drug Interactions
Best CBD Strains
Best CBD Strains

If you are familiar with CBD, you will probably be familiar with the strains of the corresponding plant. With these many strains available, choosing the best CBD strains or best strains for oil becomes a challenging task. Let me help you out here. Let us begin by clearing your doubt regarding what a strain is.

What Is A CBD Strain?

CBD strains, cannabis strains, and hemp strains are the same; except for the concentration of CBD present in each of it. CBD strain will have the highest concentration of CBD and therefore will offer the maximum benefit. Nevertheless, it cannot be ensured that strains high on CBD will contain THC or not. High CBD strains could contain low THC and vice versa.

These Can Be Cannabis Or Hemp

Technically speaking, the strain can be of the cannabis plant or the hemp plant. This is because the prime focus is on the concentration of CBD in the strain and not its potential at creating a psychoactive effect. The cannabis Sativa plants have many species out of which, the primary ones are hemp and marijuana. When these two primary species of the cannabis Sativa plants are being compared based on THC and CBD it can be observed that; hemp is high on CBD and low on THC. The THC content of the hemp plants is as less as lower than 0.3% as directed by the Farm Bill passed in the year 2018.


If you are residing in a state that has legalized marijuana for recreational and medical purposes; then it doesn’t count whether the CBD strain belongs to cannabis or hemp. This is mainly because making use of either of the two doesn’t have legal consequences. Please note that, if you are residing in a state or jurisdiction that has not legalized the use of medical marijuana then you may want to concentrate on whether the CBD strain comes from hemp or cannabis.

Which Category May Require A High Strain?

Although the majority of the consumers of cannabis have the intention of getting high in mind, there might be certain exceptions. The increasing popularity of CBD among the people suffering from pain, critical medical conditions, and stress, etc is clear testimonials to it. Inhaling, vaping, or consuming CBD in edible form has caught the attention of quite a few of the customers of CBD.

As a reward for reading this article until the very end, let me tell you three of the popular strains of CBD: AC/DC, Blue Dragon Desert Frost, and Cannatonic.