LEEF and Lifted Organics Partner Up to Launch a Joint Cannabis Nursery

LEEF and Lifted Organics Partner

A New Venture for Two Cannabis Companies

LEEF Brands Inc. and Lifted Organics, two prominent cannabis operators in California, have announced the formation of a joint venture nursery, where they will share an equal 50% ownership stake. The joint venture, named 1PN Nursery, is located near Lifted Organics’ existing operations in Watsonville, California. The partnership will allow both companies to expand their cultivation efforts and improve their genetic offerings.

The joint venture nursery is a strategic move for both LEEF and Lifted Organics, as it will enable them to reduce costs, increase control, and diversify their strain menu. The nursery will provide plants for LEEF’s concentrates customers and Lifted’s fresh frozen customers, who value a compelling and exclusive selection of strains. The nursery will also allow both companies to avoid competing with other large-scale growers for strains and delivery dates.

The Benefits of Vertical Integration

Vertical integration is the process of owning and controlling multiple stages of the production and distribution of a product or service. In the cannabis industry, vertical integration can offer several advantages, such as:

LEEF and Lifted Organics Partner

  • Lowering operational costs by eliminating intermediaries and increasing efficiency
  • Enhancing quality control by ensuring consistent standards and practices throughout the supply chain
  • Increasing customer loyalty by offering a unique and differentiated product or service
  • Gaining a competitive edge by creating barriers to entry and capturing more market share

By bringing nursery operations in-house, LEEF and Lifted Organics are taking a step towards vertical integration, which will help them achieve these benefits and grow their businesses.

The Challenges of Genetic Selection and Propagation

Genetic selection and propagation are some of the most difficult aspects of cannabis cultivation, especially for large-scale, outdoor growers. Genetic selection involves choosing the best strains for a specific purpose, such as potency, flavor, yield, or resistance. Propagation involves producing clones or seeds from the selected strains, which requires careful handling and optimal conditions.

Genetic selection and propagation can pose several challenges for cannabis growers, such as:

  • Finding reliable and reputable sources of strains and plants
  • Ensuring the genetic stability and purity of the strains and plants
  • Maintaining the health and vigor of the plants during propagation and transportation
  • Adapting to the changing consumer preferences and market demands
  • Complying with the legal and regulatory requirements of the industry

The Vision and Mission of LEEF and Lifted Organics

LEEF Brands Inc. is a premier vertical cannabis operator that focuses on producing high-quality concentrates and extracts. LEEF operates a state-of-the-art extraction facility in Oakland, California, where it processes cannabis from its own farms and partner farms. LEEF offers a variety of products, such as live resin, sauce, diamonds, shatter, and wax, under its flagship brand, LEEF Extracts.

Lifted Organics is a leading outdoor cannabis cultivator that specializes in producing fresh frozen cannabis for the extraction market. Lifted operates several farms in Santa Cruz County, California, where it grows cannabis using organic and sustainable methods. Lifted offers a range of strains, such as Gelato, Wedding Cake, Purple Punch, and Mimosa, under its brand, Lifted Organics.

The vision and mission of LEEF and Lifted Organics are to provide the best cannabis products and services to their customers, while adhering to the highest standards of quality, safety, and compliance. The joint venture nursery is a testament to their commitment and collaboration, as well as their innovation and ambition.

By Amelia Brooks

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