MedReleaf partners with CleanHub to tackle plastic pollution in the oceans

plastic pollution in the oceans

MedReleaf Australia, a leading medical cannabis company, has announced a new sustainability initiative to offset its plastic waste usage and help clean up the oceans. The company has joined forces with CleanHub, a Berlin-based environmental business that works to stop plastic from polluting the oceans by enabling brands to transparently fund and advance plastic recovery in high-risk coastal communities across Asia and Africa.

How CleanHub works to prevent plastic from entering the sea

CleanHub uses AI technology to track and trace the collection and processing of plastic waste in regions that lack proper waste management infrastructure. These regions are the primary gateway for more than 80% of plastic entering the ocean, according to CleanHub. By establishing local waste management systems, CleanHub not only contributes to cleaner oceans, but also empowers local communities through the creation of sustainable jobs.

plastic pollution in the oceans

MedReleaf’s pledge to fund the collection of 5,000kg of plastic waste in 2024

As part of the partnership, MedReleaf has pledged to fund the collection of 5,000kg of plastic waste in South Asia and Southeast Asia during 2024. The company said these regions are the most affected by the plastic crisis and need urgent intervention. MedReleaf CEO Russell Harding said the move represents a crucial step towards becoming more environmentally sustainable. He added: “Teaming up with CleanHub means taking responsibility for our environmental impact and actively addressing the plastic crisis, particularly in the most-affected regions. We already have a well-functioning waste disposal system here in Australia, so CleanHub intervenes in countries where the problem is most urgent and enables us to contribute positively on a global scale.”

MedReleaf’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility

MedReleaf said the partnership with CleanHub aligns with its commitment to making a positive long-term impact on the environment and society. The company also said it cares about the quality and safety of its products and services, and adheres to strict regulations and standards in the medical cannabis industry. Harding said: “This collaboration underscores MedReleaf Australia’s dedication to environmental sustainability and our role in mitigating the plastic crisis. We are proud to be part of the solution and hope to inspire other businesses to join us in this endeavour.”

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