60kg Cannabis Seized in Noida, Three Arrested

noida police seize 60kg cannabis arrest three suspects in drug trafficking bust

In a significant crackdown on drug trafficking, Noida Police have seized 60 kilograms of cannabis and arrested three individuals involved in smuggling the contraband from Odisha to Delhi. The operation, which took place on Friday, was the result of a joint effort by the crime response team and the Expressway police station. The suspects, identified as Pankaj Negi, Vishal Singh, and Golu Kumar, were apprehended at the Chhaprauli roundabout. The cannabis, estimated to be worth over ₹25 lakh, was cleverly concealed in backpacks filled with clothes to avoid detection.

The Operation and Arrests

The Noida Police had been tracking the activities of the suspects for some time. Acting on a tip-off, they set up a checkpoint at the Chhaprauli roundabout. The suspects were traveling on a bus from Odisha to Delhi when they were intercepted. The police found the cannabis hidden at the bottom of their backpacks, covered with clothes. This method of concealment was intended to evade detection during routine checks.

noida police seize 60kg cannabis arrest three suspects in drug trafficking bust

The arrested individuals, Pankaj Negi from Uttarakhand, and Vishal Singh and Golu Kumar from Bihar, had been residing in Ghaziabad. During interrogation, Golu Kumar, identified as the mastermind, revealed that they preferred transporting smaller quantities of cannabis to minimize the risk of large-scale seizures. This strategy involved using public transport like buses and trains to move the contraband.

The Modus Operandi

The suspects employed a meticulous method to smuggle the cannabis. They sourced the high-quality marijuana from the border regions of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. The cannabis was dried and pressed for several months, enhancing its potency. The suspects then packed the cannabis into small packets, which were placed at the bottom of their backpacks. Clothes were used to cover these packets, making it difficult for authorities to detect the drugs during inspections.

This method of smuggling highlights the ingenuity and resourcefulness of drug traffickers. By using public transport and concealing the drugs in everyday items, they aimed to blend in with regular passengers and avoid suspicion. However, the vigilance and coordination of the Noida Police thwarted their plans, leading to a significant seizure and the arrest of the key players in the operation.

Implications and Future Actions

The successful operation by the Noida Police underscores the ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking in the region. The seizure of 60 kilograms of cannabis is a substantial blow to the drug network operating between Odisha and Delhi. The police are now focusing on dismantling the entire supply chain and identifying other members involved in the smuggling ring.

The arrest of Golu Kumar, who has a history of criminal activities, is particularly significant. His previous incarceration and subsequent return to drug trafficking highlight the challenges law enforcement faces in curbing repeat offenders. The police are intensifying their efforts to track down other associates and prevent further smuggling attempts.

The Noida Police’s proactive approach and successful operation serve as a deterrent to other potential traffickers. By disrupting the supply chain and apprehending key individuals, they are sending a strong message about the consequences of engaging in illegal drug activities. The authorities remain committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community by continuing their vigilant efforts against drug trafficking.

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