Cannabis MGU Appoints Alan Midson to Drive European Expansion

Cannabis insurance expansion

CannGen Insurance, the European arm of the US-based managing general underwriter (MGU) CannGen, has taken a significant step towards expanding its presence across Europe. The company has appointed Alan Midson as Development Director for the UK and Europe. This strategic move is part of CannGen’s continued build-out in the region. Let’s explore the details of this appointment and its implications for the cannabis insurance market.

Alan Midson’s Role

Alan Midson, an industry veteran, will play a crucial role in driving CannGen’s expansion efforts in the UK and Europe. His expertise and experience will be instrumental in navigating the complexities of the European market and establishing CannGen’s footprint in the region.

Cannabis insurance expansion

The European Cannabis Insurance Landscape

Cannabis insurance is gaining prominence as the industry grows and regulatory changes occur across Europe. CannGen’s expansion comes at an opportune time, positioning the company to meet the evolving needs of cannabis-related businesses and provide tailored insurance solutions.

With Alan Midson at the helm, CannGen is poised to make significant strides in the European market. The appointment reflects the company’s commitment to serving the cannabis industry and addressing its unique risk management requirements.

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