Island Pezi: Minnesota’s Fourth Marijuana Dispensary Opens Near Red Wing

Marijuana dispensary interior

Minnesota’s cannabis landscape continues to evolve, and the latest addition to the scene is Island Pezi—a marijuana dispensary located just about an hour from the Twin Cities. Owned and operated by the Prairie Island Indian Community, this unique dispensary brings cannabis closer to urban centers. Let’s explore the details of this new venture and its significance.

The Dispensary:

Island Pezi, which means “grass” in the Dakota language, is situated on Prairie Island Indian Community land in Welch, Minnesota. The dispensary is owned and operated by the tribal nation, and its opening marks a significant milestone in the state’s cannabis industry.

Marijuana dispensary interior

Economic Diversification:

Blake Johnson, the president of Prairie Island CBH Inc., emphasizes the importance of diversifying the community’s economy. The revenue generated from the dispensary will contribute to healthcare and education for the tribe. Additionally, the shop’s employment opportunities benefit tribal members, including those who have never had a job before.

A Unique Business Arrangement:

Island Pezi has an interesting twist. The Prairie Island people currently do not grow or cultivate marijuana themselves. Instead, they’ve entered a unique business arrangement to stock their shelves. They purchase flower from the White Earth Nation, harkening back to historical intertribal agreements that facilitated trade and mutual support.

Grand Opening Celebration:

Island Pezi invites Minnesotans to celebrate its grand opening on Saturday. As the closest recreational marijuana dispensary to the Twin Cities, it aims to meet the immediate demand for cannabis products.

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