Kristen Bell: From Reefer to Cartoons—A Cannabis-Free Journey

Kristen Bell

Entertainment News – Kristen Bell, known for her roles in Frozen and the revived Reefer Madness: The Musical, recently shared her evolving relationship with cannabis. While she openly admits to enjoying “a lot of reefer in college,” particularly due to her sensitivity to alcohol, her intake has significantly changed since becoming a mother.

The College Days

In her candid conversation, Bell reminisced about her college days, where cannabis was a part of her social life. She humorously recalled her experiences, emphasizing that she was “high on cartoons” even back then.

Kristen Bell

The Motherhood Shift

Since having children, Bell’s priorities have shifted. She now spends her nights joyfully watching cartoons with her kids, opting for the laughter and imagination they bring. Her cannabis-free life reflects her commitment to parenting and family time.

Kristen Bell’s journey—from reefer to cartoons—highlights the transformative power of motherhood and the choices we make as our lives evolve.

By Ethan Mitchell

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