Lucy Haslam Honored with Inaugural Olivia Newton-John Award

Lucy Haslam medicinal cannabis advocacy

Lucy Haslam, a tireless advocate for medicinal cannabis, has been honored as the first recipient of the Olivia Newton-John Service to Industry Award. This accolade recognizes Haslam’s profound impact on the industry and her unwavering commitment to patient access to medicinal cannabis.

A Mother’s Mission

Lucy Haslam’s journey began with personal tragedy when her son Dan battled bowel cancer. Confronted with the harsh realities of inadequate pain relief options, Haslam embarked on a mission to change the narrative around medicinal cannabis in Australia. Her efforts have been instrumental in transforming public opinion and policy, paving the way for better access to cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

Haslam’s advocacy has not only provided a voice for those suffering but also challenged the stigma associated with cannabis use. Her work with United in Compassion has brought together experts and researchers to educate the public and medical professionals about the benefits of medicinal cannabis.

Lucy Haslam medicinal cannabis advocacy

A Legacy of Compassion and Change

The award, named after the late Olivia Newton-John, honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the medicinal cannabis industry. Newton-John, who was an advocate for medicinal cannabis during her battle with cancer, left behind a legacy of raising awareness and promoting research into plant-based therapies.

Haslam’s recognition is a testament to her relentless pursuit of justice and compassion. Her efforts have not only helped shape the industry but have also provided hope and relief to countless individuals across Australia.

The Road Ahead

While celebrating this milestone, Haslam remains focused on the challenges that lie ahead. Issues like drug driving laws and workplace regulations still pose barriers to those seeking medicinal cannabis. Haslam’s vision for the future includes continued advocacy and education to ensure that patients’ needs are met and that the industry can flourish responsibly and ethically.

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