Marijuana Overdoses on the Rise Among the Elderly: A Growing Concern


The legalization of cannabis has brought both benefits and unexpected challenges. While many celebrate its therapeutic potential, a concerning trend is emerging: an increase in marijuana overdoses among older adults. Here’s what we know:

As cannabis becomes more widely accepted and accessible, seniors are increasingly turning to it for various reasons. However, this growing use comes with risks, particularly when it comes to edible cannabis products.


The Edible Cannabis Boom

  • Legalization Impact: After the legalization of edibles, cannabis poisonings among older adults in Ontario tripled compared to the pre-legalization era.
  • Unique Risks: Older users face distinct risks due to factors like metabolism, drug interactions, and cognitive changes.

Emergency Room Visits

  • Surging Rates: Emergency department visits related to cannabis use among seniors in California increased by over 1800% from 2005 to 2019.
  • Challenges: Cannabis overdoses can lead to confusion, falls, and other health complications.

As the popularity of edible cannabis grows, healthcare providers and seniors must be aware of the unique risks and take necessary precautions.

By Benjamin Parker

Benjamin Parker is a seasoned senior content writer specializing in the CBD niche at CBD Strains Only. With a wealth of experience and expertise in the field, Benjamin is dedicated to providing readers with comprehensive and insightful content on all things CBD-related. His in-depth knowledge and passion for the benefits of CBD shine through in his articles, offering readers a deeper understanding of the industry and its potential for promoting health and wellness.

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