Michigan’s “Best in Grass”: A New High in Cannabis Excellence

michigan cannabis competition celebration

Michigan’s cannabis industry is set to experience a significant uplift with the launch of the “Best in Grass” competition. This event marks a new era in the state’s cannabis culture, promising to highlight the finest local products and bring together a community of enthusiasts.

A Statewide Celebration of Cannabis

The “Best in Grass” competition is not just a contest; it’s a statewide celebration of Michigan’s cannabis industry. With 2,600 participants ready to judge the best products, the competition is a testament to the state’s vibrant cannabis community and its commitment to quality and innovation.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of products, from indica and sativa flowers to edibles, all rigorously tested and approved for the competition. This event is a unique chance for consumers to have their say in what defines top-tier cannabis in Michigan.

michigan cannabis competition celebration

The Impact on Local Businesses

Local dispensaries are at the heart of the “Best in Grass” competition. The event is expected to bring a surge of business to these establishments, as enthusiasts flock to purchase judging kits and explore new offerings.

Dispensaries like Puff Cannabis in Bay City have already seen a positive impact, with judging kits selling out on the first day. This boost in business is not only good for sales but also for raising awareness about the benefits of cannabis and educating the public on its safe and responsible use.

Looking Towards the Future

The “Best in Grass” competition is more than just an annual event; it’s a forward-looking initiative that sets the stage for the future of the cannabis industry in Michigan. By involving the community in the judging process, the competition fosters a sense of ownership and pride in the state’s cannabis products.

As the competition concludes and winners are announced, the feedback collected will serve as valuable data for growers and producers, helping to shape the future of cannabis in Michigan. This event is a stepping stone towards a more inclusive, innovative, and quality-driven cannabis market.

By Benjamin Parker

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