Thailand to Ban Recreational Marijuana Use by Year’s End, Minister Says

Marijuana plant

Thailand, the first Southeast Asian country to legalize the cultivation and consumption of marijuana, is now planning to ban its recreational use by the end of this year. The move comes less than two years after the Thai government initially legalized cannabis. Here are the details:


In mid-2022, Thailand legalized the cultivation and use of marijuana, intending to promote its medicinal use and create a commercial industry around serving this demand. However, the unintended consequences led to a surge in recreational use, raising concerns about misuse and negative impacts.

Marijuana plant

The Ban

Public Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew announced that the government would submit a draft bill to the cabinet for approval next month. Once approved, it will move to Parliament, where it is expected to pass before the end of 2024. The ban aims to regulate cannabis and prevent misuse, especially among Thai children.

Unintended Consequences

The rapid proliferation of marijuana-themed businesses and edible cannabis products created legal gray areas. While smoking marijuana remained technically illegal, the authorities struggled to enforce regulations effectively.

The Way Forward

Thailand’s experience serves as a case study for other nations considering cannabis legalization. Balancing medical use, commercial interests, and public health remains a challenge.

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