Whoopi Goldberg Expands Cannabis Empire with Emma & Clyde

whoopi goldberg cannabis brand emma and clyde

Whoopi Goldberg, the iconic actress and comedian, has launched a new cannabis brand named Emma & Clyde, honoring her late mother and brother. This venture marks a significant expansion in Goldberg’s cannabis business, which she has been passionate about for years. Emma & Clyde aims to bridge the gap between medicinal and recreational cannabis use, offering a range of products including edibles, pre-rolls, flowers, and accessories. The brand is set to launch on July 20 in select stores across California, Arizona, and Ohio.

A Personal Connection

Whoopi Goldberg’s journey with cannabis is deeply personal. Her mother used cannabis for medicinal purposes, while her brother enjoyed it recreationally. This family connection is at the heart of Emma & Clyde. Goldberg has often spoken about the benefits of cannabis, particularly for pain relief and overall well-being. She believes that cannabis is one of the greatest medicines available, capable of providing relief and joy to many.

Goldberg’s advocacy for cannabis began long before it became a business venture. She has used it to manage menstrual pain and has seen its benefits through friends who were cancer patients. This personal experience has driven her to create products that can help others in similar situations. Emma & Clyde is a testament to her commitment to making cannabis accessible and beneficial for all.

whoopi goldberg cannabis brand emma and clyde

The brand’s launch is a significant milestone for Goldberg and her team. They have worked tirelessly to develop a range of products that cater to both medicinal and recreational users. From edibles to pre-rolls, Emma & Clyde offers something for everyone. The brand’s focus on quality and effectiveness sets it apart in the crowded cannabis market.

Expanding the Business

Emma & Clyde is not Goldberg’s first foray into the cannabis industry. She previously launched the Whoopi & Maya brand, which focused on providing menstrual relief and overall wellness through topicals, edibles, and bath salts. Although the brand was shuttered a few years ago, Goldberg has now revived it under the WhoopFam umbrella, alongside Emma & Clyde.

The Whoopi & Maya brand will also be reintroduced with a range of new products, including cacao edibles, tinctures, and hydrotherapy items. This expansion reflects Goldberg’s dedication to offering a diverse array of cannabis products that address various needs. By partnering with family members and experienced industry professionals, she has built a strong foundation for her cannabis empire.

Goldberg’s business acumen and passion for cannabis have driven the success of her ventures. She has managed to navigate the complexities of the cannabis industry while staying true to her mission of providing relief and joy to users. The launch of Emma & Clyde is a testament to her resilience and vision.

The upcoming launch event in Los Angeles will be a celebration of Goldberg’s achievements in the cannabis industry. She will be honored with a key to the city for her continued support of the LGBTQIA+ community, highlighting her commitment to social causes alongside her business endeavors.

Looking Ahead

With the launch of Emma & Clyde, Whoopi Goldberg is poised to make a significant impact on the cannabis industry. The brand’s focus on both medicinal and recreational use sets it apart, offering a comprehensive range of products that cater to diverse needs. Goldberg’s personal connection to cannabis and her dedication to quality make Emma & Clyde a promising addition to the market.

Goldberg’s journey with cannabis is far from over. She continues to advocate for its benefits and work towards making it accessible to all. Her efforts have already made a difference in the lives of many, and with Emma & Clyde, she aims to reach even more people. The brand’s launch is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting chapter in Goldberg’s cannabis journey.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, Goldberg’s influence is likely to expand. Her commitment to quality and her personal connection to the plant make her a unique and powerful voice in the industry. Emma & Clyde is a reflection of her passion and dedication, and it is set to make waves in the cannabis market.

By Ethan Mitchell

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