Employee Arrested for Selling Cannabis to Minors at Coram Smoke Shop

Cannabis shop interior

In a recent incident, Suffolk County Police arrested an employee at Koncept Smoke Shop in Coram, New York, for allegedly selling cannabis to an underage person. The arrest took place on June 29 following an investigation by Sixth Precinct Crime Section officers. Ahmad Subhan, an 18-year-old resident of Coram, was charged with Unlawful Sale of Cannabis and Criminal Possession of Cannabis 3rd Degree. This incident highlights the importance of enforcing age restrictions and maintaining compliance in businesses that deal with controlled substances.

Background and Previous Incidents

This is not the first time Koncept Smoke Shop has faced legal scrutiny. In May 2024, Sixth Precinct Crime Section officers investigated employees of the smoke shop, resulting in charges related to possession of cannabis products and selling to an underage person. The repeated violations raise concerns about the shop’s practices and the need for stricter monitoring.

Cannabis shop interior

Legal Implications and Community Impact

The sale of cannabis to minors not only violates state laws but also jeopardizes public health and safety. Strict enforcement is essential to prevent such incidents and protect young individuals from exposure to harmful substances. Businesses must prioritize compliance and responsible practices to maintain community trust and adhere to legal standards.

As the case against Ahmad Subhan unfolds, it serves as a reminder that businesses must remain vigilant in preventing illegal sales and safeguarding their communities. Law enforcement agencies continue to monitor establishments like Koncept Smoke Shop to ensure compliance and protect vulnerable populations.

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