Minnesota to Issue First Cannabis Business Licenses: A Headstart for Entrepreneurs

Cannabis plants in a field

St. Paul, June 5, 2024 — Minnesota is poised to issue its first cannabis business licenses, designed to give entrepreneurs a headstart in preparing for the legal market’s launch in 2025. Here’s what you need to know:

Who Can Apply?

  • Social Equity Applicants: These include veterans, farmers new to agriculture, residents from impoverished neighborhoods, and individuals previously convicted of cannabis possession or sale before legalization.
  • State regulators will vet applications to ensure they meet criteria and have detailed business plans, employee training, security measures, and industry experience.

Cannabis plants in a field

Available Licenses

  • Cannabis Microbusiness: 100 licenses
  • Cannabis Mezzobusiness: 25 licenses
  • Cannabis Cultivators: 13 licenses
  • Cannabis Manufacturers: 6 licenses
  • Cannabis Retailers (Dispensaries): 38 licenses
  • Cannabis Wholesalers: 20 licenses
  • Cannabis Transporters: 20 licenses
  • Cannabis Testing: 50 licenses

Minnesota aims to create an early-mover advantage, supporting social equity opportunities while ensuring a successful cannabis industry launch. Entrepreneurs can prepare for January 1, 2025, when everything goes into motion.

By Lily Evans

Lily Evans is a talented content writer at CBD Strains Only, bringing creativity and passion to her work in the CBD industry. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering engaging content, Lily's articles aim to educate and inspire readers about the benefits of CBD. Through her in-depth research and informative writing style, Lily strives to provide valuable insights into the world of CBD and its potential for enhancing wellness.

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