Agartala RPF Seizes 41 Kilograms of Cannabis from Peddler at Railway Station

Cannabis plants in bags

Agartala, June 19, 2024 — In a significant operation, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) in Agartala seized 41 kilograms of cannabis from a peddler at the railway station. The crackdown comes as part of efforts to curb the illegal trafficking of cannabis, which poses risks to public health and safety. Here are the details:

The Seizure

Acting on intelligence inputs, RPF officials conducted a search operation at the Agartala railway station. They discovered a large consignment of cannabis concealed in bags. The peddler was apprehended, and the seized cannabis was handed over to local authorities for further investigation.

Cannabis plants in bags

Public Health Concerns

Cannabis trafficking poses several risks to public health and safety. The unregulated distribution of cannabis can lead to addiction, criminal activity, and other social problems. By seizing this large consignment, authorities aim to protect the community and prevent the spread of illegal substances.

Legal Action and Awareness Campaigns

The individual responsible for trafficking the cannabis will face legal consequences. Authorities also plan to raise awareness about the dangers of cannabis trafficking and consumption, urging citizens to report any suspicious activities related to drug distribution.

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