Siddha Practitioner and Son Arrested for Cultivating Cannabis: A Shocking Discovery

Cannabis cultivation

In a startling development, a Siddha practitioner and his son have been arrested for cultivating cannabis in Coimbatore. The illicit cultivation of this prohibited plant has raised concerns about its impact on public health and safety.

The Arrest

Authorities acted swiftly after receiving a tip-off about the illegal cannabis cultivation. The Siddha practitioner and his son were apprehended, and a significant quantity of cannabis plants was seized from their property. The investigation is ongoing to determine the extent of their involvement and any potential connections to the black market.

Cannabis cultivation

Cannabis Cultivation: A Growing Concern

Cannabis cultivation poses serious risks to society. The psychoactive properties of cannabis can lead to addiction, impaired cognitive function, and mental health issues. Law enforcement agencies are vigilant in their efforts to curb such illegal activities and protect the community.

The arrest of the Siddha practitioner and his son sheds light on the need for stricter monitoring and enforcement against cannabis cultivation. Public awareness and collaborative efforts are crucial in eradicating this menace.

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