Teen Cannabis Use in Colorado Declines as National Adult Use Surpasses Alcohol Consumption

Cannabis and Teens

The landscape of cannabis use is shifting, with notable trends in both teen and adult consumption. In Colorado, where recreational cannabis has been legal for adults since 2014, recent data reveals intriguing patterns. Let’s explore the latest findings and their implications.

Decline in Teen Cannabis Use

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s biannual Healthy Kids Colorado survey conducted in 2023, teen cannabis use has decreased. Specifically, 12.8% of high school students in Colorado reported using cannabis in the past 30 days, down from 13.3% in 2021. Remarkably, this represents a nearly 42% decrease since 2011, the year before cannabis legalization for adults in the state.

Cannabis and Teens

Unexpected Trends

Experts anticipated that adolescent marijuana use would rise after COVID-19 restrictions eased and social interactions resumed. However, the data defied expectations. Not only did teen cannabis use decline, but it also aligns with a national trend. A recent CDC report indicates that fewer teens are experimenting with marijuana compared to a decade ago, even when recreational cannabis was illegal across all U.S. states.

Adults Choose Cannabis Over Alcohol

In a groundbreaking development, a peer-reviewed journal called Addiction published a report showing that more adults now use cannabis than alcohol. The report analyzed 40 years of National Survey on Drug Use and Health data and found that approximately 17.7 million people reported daily or near-daily marijuana use in 2022, while only 14.7 million reported the same frequency of alcohol consumption.

As cannabis acceptance grows, understanding consumption patterns becomes crucial. Colorado’s experience provides valuable insights into how legalization impacts both teens and adults. With shifting preferences and changing norms, the cannabis landscape continues to evolve.

By Oliver Davies

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