Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission Awards New Licenses

Medical Cannabis

In a significant development, the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) has voided all previously awarded licenses and voted on new ones. The decision, made during a meeting on August 10, 2023, comes after a thorough review process. Let’s delve into the details of this pivotal moment in Alabama’s medical cannabis journey.

The Background

The AMCC initially awarded licenses on June 12, 2023, but due to potential inconsistencies in scoring data, they decided to stay all proceedings related to the licenses. The University of South Alabama (USA) played a crucial role in coordinating the application review process, engaging evaluators to assess the scored exhibit items for all 90 applicants. However, discrepancies prompted a comprehensive review, including external validation by KPMG, a renowned accounting firm.

Medical Cannabis

The New License Recipients

The AMCC exercised its authority and discretion to nominate applicants and award medical cannabis business licenses. Here are the recipients:

Integrated Facility License

  1. Insa Alabama, LLC
  2. Flowerwood Medical Cannabis, LLC
  3. Southeast Cannabis Company, LLC
  4. Sustainable Alabama, LLC
  5. TheraTrue Alabama, LLC

Cultivator License

  1. Gulf Shore Remedies, LLC
  2. Pure by Sirmon Farms, LLC
  3. Blackberry Farms, LLC
  4. Twisted Herb Cultivation, LLC
  6. Greenway Botanicals, LLC
  7. CRC of Alabama, LLC

Processor License

  1. Enchanted Green, LLC
  2. 1819 Labs, LLC
  3. Organic Harvest Lab, LLC
  4. Jasper Development Group Inc.

Dispensary License

  1. Yellowhammer Medical Dispensaries, LLC
  2. CCS of Alabama, LLC
  3. RJK Holdings AL, LLC
  4. Statewide Property Holdings AL, LLC

Secure Transport License

  1. Tyler Van Lines, LLC
  2. International Communication, LLC
  3. XLCR, Inc.

State Testing Laboratory License

  1. Certus Laboratories

What Lies Ahead

With these new licenses, Alabama inches closer to making medical cannabis available to patients. However, legal disputes and challenges continue, emphasizing the need for transparency, consistency, and adherence to the selection process. As the state navigates this complex landscape, patients and advocates eagerly await the next steps.

By Ethan Mitchell

Ethan Mitchell is the visionary founder of CBD Strains Only, a leading online platform dedicated to providing premium CBD products and information. With a passion for holistic wellness and a deep understanding of the benefits of CBD, Ethan's mission is to empower individuals to enhance their well-being through high-quality CBD strains.

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