Cannabis Use Tied to Increased Risk of Severe COVID

Cannabis and COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact global health, researchers are uncovering new insights into risk factors and outcomes. A retrospective study spanning the first two years of the pandemic sheds light on the association between cannabis use and severe COVID-19 outcomes. Among more than 70,000 patients with documented COVID-19 cases at a large medical center in the Midwest, cannabis use was significantly linked to an 80% greater risk of hospitalization and a 27% higher risk for intensive care unit (ICU) admission after infection. Interestingly, there was no difference in all-cause mortality.

The Study Findings

Hospitalization Risk:

  • Cannabis users faced an elevated risk of hospitalization: Odds Ratio (OR) 1.80 (95% CI 1.68-1.93).

ICU Admission Risk:

  • The risk for ICU admission was also increased among cannabis users: OR 1.27 (95% CI 1.14-1.41).

Mortality Risk:

  • Surprisingly, there was no significant difference in mortality between cannabis users and non-users: OR 0.97 (95% CI 0.82-1.14).

Comparing Cannabis and Tobacco Smoking

The risks associated with cannabis use were comparable to those of smoking. Both current and former tobacco smokers faced increased risks for hospitalization, ICU admission, and all-cause mortality following a COVID-19 infection. These findings challenge the perception that cannabis is harmless and emphasize the importance of understanding its potential impact during the pandemic.

Cannabis and COVID-19

Unanswered Questions

Despite being several years into the pandemic, questions about cannabis use and COVID-19 severity remain unsettled. Prior studies have yielded conflicting results, with some suggesting worse outcomes for cannabis users and others indicating better clinical outcomes. In this study, the method of cannabis use (smoking, vaping, or edibles) and frequency were not specified, leaving room for further investigation.

Cannabis use is not without consequences in the context of COVID-19. Public awareness should recognize the potential risks associated with cannabis, especially as its acceptance grows. As researchers continue to explore these connections, healthcare providers and policymakers must consider evidence-based guidelines to inform patient care and public health measures.

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