A Cautionary Tale: Michigan Processor’s License Revoked for Unregulated Cannabis

Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Action

In a decisive move by Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency, TAS Asset Holdings, a Lansing-based marijuana business, has been stripped of its medical and adult-use processor licenses. This action comes after the discovery that the company was mixing unregulated cannabis products with those compliant with state regulations, leading to a significant breach of trust and safety.

The Blending of Legal and Illicit

TAS Asset Holdings, operating under the name Noble Road Company, faced allegations of combining illicit marijuana products with regulated ones before selling them under the brand Fwaygo Extracts. The product in question, Space Rocks, was manufactured between November 10 and November 17, 2022, and was found to be produced using untagged THCa powder.

The investigation revealed that employees were bringing unregulated products into the business from their personal vehicles, a clear violation of the stringent regulations set to ensure consumer safety. This led to the summary suspension of TAS’ licenses in February 2023, and the company has been closed since.

Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Action

Regulatory Response and Consumer Safety

The Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency’s swift response underscores the importance of regulatory compliance and the protection of consumers. The CRA’s actions serve as a reminder to all licensed businesses of the critical nature of maintaining product integrity within the regulated market.

The incident has prompted a Marijuana Consumer Advisory Bulletin, alerting consumers to the potential risks associated with the affected products. It also highlights the CRA’s commitment to safeguarding public health and the integrity of the state’s marijuana operations.

The Fallout and Future Implications

The revocation of TAS Asset Holdings’ licenses sends a strong message to the cannabis industry about the consequences of non-compliance. As the industry continues to evolve, this case emphasizes the need for transparency and adherence to regulations to maintain consumer trust and the legitimacy of the market.

By Ethan Mitchell

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