Safe and Consistent Cannabis Products: A GMP Collective Webinar on Fit-for-Purpose Testing Methods

cannabis lab testing

In the ever-evolving cannabis industry, ensuring the safety and quality of cannabis products is paramount. On March 27th, 2024, the GMP Collective hosted a webinar titled “Optimizing Quality: Exploring ‘Fit for Purpose’ Testing Methods in the Cannabis Industry.” This episode delved into the importance of using testing methods that align with the intended purpose of the product.

Defining ‘Fit for Purpose’ Testing

What does it mean for a test to be ‘fit for purpose’? Essentially, it’s about providing consumers with accurate information. When a Certificate of Analysis (COA) displays results, those results should truly reflect what the consumer will experience. Jini Glaros, CSO at Modern Canna Labs, emphasized this concept, highlighting the need for transparency and reliability.

cannabis lab testing

Navigating Testing Challenges

The webinar panel explored various facets of testing, including:

  • Pesticides and Molds: Understanding the types of tests needed to ensure product safety.
  • Safety vs. Potency: Balancing consumer expectations regarding both safety and potency.
  • Margins of Error: Considering batch sizes and the acceptable range of results.
  • Labelling: Communicating essential information to consumers.

Industry Cooperation and Trust

Challenges arise due to varying state regulations, which may not always align with fit-for-purpose testing methods. The presenters stressed the importance of working with accrediting bodies and organizations like ASTM and AOAC. By ensuring accurate data, the industry can build trust with consumers and prioritize patient well-being.

By Amelia Brooks

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