Toronto Faces Challenge in Tackling Illegal Cannabis Stores

cannabis store

Toronto is grappling with a surge in illegal cannabis stores, prompting city officials to seek additional funding from the province. Carleton Grant, Executive Director of Municipal Licensing and Standards, emphasizes the need for resources to enforce the law against these unauthorized shops. While some illicit stores voluntarily closed after cannabis legalization, new ones have emerged. Currently, Toronto has 53 illegal cannabis stores alongside 215 legal ones. The city council has requested a comprehensive review of Ontario’s Cannabis Control Act to enhance enforcement measures and collaboration between municipalities and provincial authorities. However, due to the criminal nature of these activities, bylaw officers hesitate to intervene. Toronto seeks the reinstatement of temporary funds provided during the initial years of legalization to address this growing issue.

cannabis store

The Funding Dilemma

Grant acknowledges that law enforcement faces budget constraints and competing priorities. While police are better equipped to handle criminal activity, they require additional funding to enforce cannabis laws effectively. Reallocating the province’s initial support would aid in cracking down on illegal storefronts. The challenge lies in balancing public safety and financial resources.

Struggling Legal Retailers

Ontario’s cannabis industry generated over $520 million in the last fiscal year. However, local retailers face challenges due to high provincial taxes. Legal buyers may pay more than those relying on the black market, affecting struggling pot-shop owners. A fair tax system and equitable funding allocation could alleviate these pressures.

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