ANTG boosts its global presence with Brisbane facility upgrade

ANTG boosts

Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG), a leading medicinal cannabis company, has announced a major upgrade of its cultivation and manufacturing capabilities at its Brisbane facility. The upgrade follows the approval of new permits by the Office of Drug Control (ODC) after an 11-month process.

ANTG to produce more products and export to more markets

The new permits allow ANTG to cultivate an additional 1.5 tonnes per annum of proprietary flower, including new strains, and commence Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of ethanol extractions for a range of products including oils, vapes, pre-dosed flower and pastilles (edibles).

These products will cater to the growing demand for medicinal cannabis in Australia and abroad, as ANTG plans to export manufactured and plant-based products to the European Union and New Zealand. The company said this is a “critical step” in its global expansion strategy.

ANTG will also offer outsourced manufacturing partnerships for services such as extraction, vape and oil filling and flower packing. This will help to address the production bottlenecks and supply chain issues that have plagued the local industry.

ANTG to create jobs and innovate in Southeast Queensland

The upgrade of the Brisbane facility will also have positive impacts on the local economy and community, as ANTG expects to create jobs in Southeast Queensland, particularly in cultivation and novel manufacturing.

ANTG boosts

The company said it is committed to innovating in the field of plant-based medicines and using technology-driven agricultural practices to produce high-quality crops efficiently and responsibly.

ANTG has also appointed Dirk Sprangers as technical services manager. Sprangers is a veteran in greenhouse integration and project management in Europe and Australia, and will bring expertise in technical systems and innovative controlled environment agriculture.

ANTG to revolutionise the domestic and global markets

ANTG CEO Matt Cantelo said the upgrade of the Brisbane facility will enable the company to revolutionise the domestic and global markets with its products and services.

“With these latest developments, ANTG is not only poised to revolutionise the domestic market, but also to make a significant impact on the global stage,” he said.

He added that ANTG is dedicated to providing Australian-grown and manufactured products to patients who need them.

“We are looking forward to expanding our expertise and capability in this area by offering contract manufacturing services. I welcome the opportunity to discuss potential manufacturing partnerships to drive industry change and bring more capability onshore to provide Australian-grown and manufactured products to patients,” he said.

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