100-Day Plan Against Ganja Menace in Place in Visakhapatnam

ganja eradication

In a determined effort to eliminate the ganja menace in Visakhapatnam, the city police have initiated a 100-day action plan. This initiative was launched following a review meeting with Home Minister Vangalapudi Anitha and other key officials, where the directive of “zero tolerance towards tackling the ganja menace” was issued.

Root Causes and Targeted Measures

In the same meeting, the Home Minister underscored the necessity of identifying and tackling the root causes behind the widespread availability of ganja in the district. As a result, the 100-day action plan targets the eradication of cannabis cultivation and illegal transportation not only within Visakhapatnam but also in regions known for extensive ganja farming, such as Odisha and the Andhra-Odisha border.

ganja eradication

To achieve these goals, the police will leverage advanced technology to track ganja plantations and disrupt its transportation. Measures will be put in place to obstruct the movement of cannabis via road, rail, air, and sea routes. In accordance, the police are organizing a series of meetings with courier agencies, APSRTC, Railways, private transport services, and management of various institutions to curb the illegal transport of ganja and narcotics substances.

Awareness and Monitoring

Commissioner of Police A Ravi Shankar has instructed his officers to conduct awareness sessions for students at various educational institutions, educating them about the serious repercussions of being charged under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, through short films, posters, pamphlets, rallies, and marathons. Additionally, individuals previously arrested under the NDPS Act will be stringently monitored.

A special team will scrutinize call detail records (CDRs), internet protocol detail records (IPDRs), bank statements, and electronic devices of these individuals. ‘Mulakat’ meetings will be organized with these individuals to understand their communications and potential new affiliations for ganja smuggling after their release.

Beyond enforcement, the plan also focuses on rehabilitation and de-addiction efforts, partnering with various voluntary organizations to provide necessary services. The district administration has pledged support by allocating funds for technological tools and deploying sniffer dogs for narcotics detection. A special toll-free number, 14500, has been set up for reporting drug-related activities and will be prominently advertised throughout the district to help curb the ganja menace in Visakhapatnam.

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