Cannabis Use Linked to Worse COVID-19 Outcomes

Cannabis and COVID-19

A recent study conducted by researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has found a concerning link between cannabis use and more severe COVID-19 outcomes. Contrary to the perception that cannabis is harmless, this study sheds light on the risks associated with its use during the pandemic. Let’s delve into the details of this research and its implications.

The Study

The study analyzed outcomes among 72,501 people diagnosed with COVID-19 at centers in a major Midwestern healthcare system during the first two years of the pandemic. The participants’ average age was 48.9 years, with 59.7% being female and 40.3% male. Among them, 27.6% were Black, and 69.6% were White. Additionally, 68.8% had at least one comorbidity potentially affecting COVID-19 outcomes, such as obesity, diabetes, or heart disease.

Cannabis and COVID-19

Cannabis Use and COVID-19 Outcomes

The researchers found that individuals who reported using cannabis at least once in the year before developing COVID-19 were significantly more likely to require hospitalization and intensive care than those who did not use cannabis. The elevated risk of severe illness was comparable to that associated with tobacco use.

Comparison with Tobacco Smoking

Interestingly, current tobacco smoking was also associated with worse outcomes for COVID-19. Smokers faced an increased risk of hospitalization, ICU admission, and all-cause mortality. The study’s reliability stems from its use of real-world healthcare data collected across multiple sites over an extended period.

This study highlights the importance of understanding the risks associated with cannabis use during the pandemic. As cannabis becomes more widely accepted and used, it’s crucial to recognize that it is not without consequences, especially in the context of COVID-19.

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