Ex-Trooper Turned Cannabis Grower Seeks Answers on Fake Weed Inaction

Cannabis leaves and grow facility

Sioux Falls, South Dakota—Alan Welsh, a former South Dakota Highway Patrol officer, has taken an unexpected career turn. After retiring from law enforcement, he now cultivates marijuana as a partner in Dakota Herb, a medical cannabis company with dispensaries in Huron, Brandon, Aberdeen, and Vermillion. But Welsh’s journey from policing to pot raises questions about the evolving perception of cannabis.

From Law Enforcement to Cannabis Cultivation

Welsh served 28 years with the South Dakota Highway Patrol, rising to a leadership position in the Sioux Falls region. During his tenure, he was often quoted in news stories related to drug enforcement, including a 2012 case involving the seizure of 295 pounds of marijuana during a saturation patrol.

Cannabis leaves and grow facility

A Change of Heart

Welsh’s perspective shifted after retirement. His research and discussions with a friend who owned a trucking company in North Dakota led him to reconsider cannabis. He compared its impact on public safety with that of alcohol, ultimately concluding that the stigma associated with marijuana was unwarranted.

The Cannabis Come-to-Jesus Moment

Now a partner in Dakota Herb, Welsh tours the company’s multimillion-dollar grow facility, witnessing the production of dried marijuana for medical use. His transformation from a staunch opponent of cannabis to a cultivator highlights the evolving attitudes toward this once-taboo plant.

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