Romeiros in Fall River: A Holy Week Tradition

Romeiros pilgrimage

As we kick off a new week, let’s delve into the captivating stories that unfolded in Fall River recently. Here are the top highlights:

Annual Good Friday Pilgrimage

On a rainy Good Friday, the Romeiros embarked on their annual pilgrimage across Fall River’s churches and cathedrals. These devout individuals follow in the footsteps of a Holy Week tradition, seeking spiritual solace and connection. Herald News Photographer and Photo Editor Colin Furze captured the essence of this solemn journey.

Romeiros pilgrimage

Shipping Industry Speculations

Following the devastating collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, the closure of that city’s port has raised questions about its impact on the shipping industry in Fall River. Ken Fiola Jr., the facility safety officer at Fall River Line Pier Inc., predicts “shipping repercussions throughout the East Coast.” The effects may be felt even hundreds of miles away from the disaster site.

Farewell to Gene’s Meat Market

Gene’s Meat Market, a beloved Greater Fall River staple, has closed its doors after eight years of serving the community. Brothers Anthony and Derek Cordeiro, who took over the neighborhood butcher shop from their father, cited financial challenges as the reason for their bittersweet decision. The legacy of Gene’s Meat Market will be remembered by many.

Stories Cannabis: A Unique Approach

Dr. Davis Patel, a trained internal medical doctor, has opened Stories Cannabis, a dispensary at 160 Hartwell St. Unlike other vendors, Stories Cannabis aims to educate customers about legal marijuana. Dr. Patel’s background allows him to provide scientific insights and guide both first-time users and regular consumers. His vision includes making the cannabis industry more inclusive and being a resource for social equity.

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