Ganja Peddling and Consumption to Be Tackled Vigorously, Warns Andhra Pradesh DGP

Ganja abuse

Andhra Pradesh’s Director General of Police (DGP), Ch. Dwaraka Tirumala Rao, has issued a stern warning against ganja peddling and consumption. The DGP emphasized that drug abuse, particularly related to cannabis (ganja), is adversely affecting the lives of many youth in the state. He expressed concern that even school-going children are falling prey to these vices. In response, a 100-day action plan has been devised to combat this menace.

Ganja abuse

Subheading 1: The Impact of Drugs on Youth

Director General Tirumala Rao highlighted the detrimental effects of drugs and ganja on the younger generation. The alarming rise in addiction among school-going children underscores the urgency of addressing this issue. The state police are committed to eradicating ganja cultivation, smuggling, and consumption.

Subheading 2: A 100-Day Action Plan

To curb cannabis peddling in Andhra Pradesh, a comprehensive 100-day action plan has been put in place. The police are focusing on identifying ganja peddlers and addicts, with some already being externed from the Commissionerate. The goal is to create a drug-free state and protect the well-being of its citizens.

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