High Tide’s Strategic Acquisition: Queen of Bud Joins the Empire


High Tide Inc., a leading name in the cannabis retail sector, has announced a strategic acquisition of the intellectual property of the premium cannabis brand, Queen of Bud, for $1 million. This move is set to bolster High Tide’s already impressive portfolio and marks a significant step in their expansion strategy.

The Deal and Its Significance

The acquisition of Queen of Bud’s IP, including trademarks and other assets, is a testament to High Tide’s commitment to growth and diversification. With this deal, High Tide not only secures a well-established brand with a loyal customer base but also reinforces its position in the competitive cannabis market.

The founder of Queen of Bud, Ashley Newman, will continue to play a pivotal role as the global brand ambassador, ensuring the brand’s vision and values remain intact. Her expertise and leadership are expected to drive innovation and development within High Tide’s product categories.


Brand Synergy and Market Expansion

Queen of Bud’s integration into High Tide’s family is a strategic fit. The brand is known for its elegance, uniqueness, and spiritual focus, qualities that resonate with High Tide’s mission. This acquisition is particularly timely, as provinces like Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are increasingly open to white-label brands, with Alberta and BC considering similar moves.

Future Prospects and Industry Impact

High Tide’s acquisition of Queen of Bud is more than just an addition to its brand portfolio; it’s a forward-thinking move that could shape the future of cannabis retail. The deal is expected to deliver substantial value to shareholders and solidify High Tide’s market leadership.

By Oliver Davies

Oliver Davies is a dedicated marijuana and drugs news writer at CBD Strains Only. With a background in journalism and a passion for staying informed about the latest developments in the marijuana industry, Oliver's articles provide valuable insights and analysis. Through his expert reporting, Oliver aims to keep readers up-to-date on the ever-evolving landscape of marijuana and drug-related news.

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