NDLEA Recovers 3.33 Tonnes of Cannabis and Other Substances in Ogun

Cannabis plant close-up

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Ogun State has made a significant seizure, recovering 3.33 tonnes of cannabis and other illicit substances. This operation marks a crucial step in combating drug trafficking and safeguarding public health.

The Seizure Details

The NDLEA’s operation targeted drug traffickers transporting a large quantity of cannabis. The 3.33 tonnes of cannabis were intercepted, preventing their distribution into local communities. Additionally, other illicit substances were seized during the operation, further disrupting criminal networks.

Cannabis plant close-up

Impact on Public Safety

The recovery of such a substantial amount of cannabis underscores the agency’s commitment to curbing drug-related crimes. By preventing these substances from reaching consumers, the NDLEA contributes to public safety and protects vulnerable individuals from the harmful effects of drug abuse.

Ongoing Efforts

The NDLEA continues to work tirelessly to dismantle drug trafficking networks and enforce drug control measures. Their dedication to intercepting illicit substances demonstrates their resolve to create a safer environment for all citizens.

By Oliver Davies

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