OCS to Provide Cannabis Producers with Detailed Sales Data

Cannabis sales data

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) has announced plans to enhance its data-sharing program, offering cannabis producers more specific sales information. This move aims to provide producers with greater visibility into authorized stores purchasing their products through the OCS. Here are the key details:

Greater Visibility for Producers

The OCS will provide cannabis producer-partners with detailed data, including access to store-specific information. This includes the types of products each authorized store orders from the OCS daily at the SKU level. Additionally, producers will have insights into the number of units ordered by each retailer, by SKU, on a daily basis.

Cannabis sales data

Targeted Sales Measures

By understanding which products sell better in specific regions of the province, producers can implement more targeted sales strategies. These changes build upon the existing Supplier Data Program and aim to improve inventory availability, fulfillment, and delivery service levels for authorized retail stores.

Industry Feedback and Implementation

The OCS is seeking industry feedback on these changes until July 9, 2024. Once implemented, producers will receive detailed SKU and store-level wholesale sales data for their own products, enhancing their sales and operations planning.

By Oliver Davies

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