Pioneering Hemp Research: Oregon State University Secures $10 Million Grant

Oregon State University hemp research

Introduction In a groundbreaking development for agricultural and industrial research, Oregon State University has been awarded a substantial $10 million grant. This funding is earmarked for the exploration and advancement of hemp, a versatile crop with the potential to revolutionize industries.

The Future of Hemp

The grant signifies a major investment in the future of hemp, recognizing its vast potential in a variety of applications, from textiles to construction and beyond.

Research and Innovation

Oregon State University’s Global Hemp Innovation Center is at the forefront of this research, working to unlock the crop’s full potential and drive innovation.

Oregon State University hemp research

Collaboration with Indigenous Tribes

A significant aspect of this initiative is the collaboration with thirteen indigenous tribes, aiming to foster economic opportunities and promote sustainable practices.


Educational Opportunities

The project will also focus on creating educational programs and professional development opportunities, contributing to the growth of a knowledgeable workforce in the field of hemp production and biomanufacturing.

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