Siddha Practitioner and Son Arrested for Cultivating Cannabis: A Bizarre Twist in Coimbatore

Cannabis plant leaves

Coimbatore, India—In an unexpected turn of events, a Siddha practitioner and his son have been arrested for cultivating cannabis on an agricultural land near Gobichettipalayam. The district prohibition enforcement wing (PEW) police discovered 11 cannabis plants growing alongside other crops. The accused, S. Marappan (80) and his son Karuppasamy (45), both from Athikadu near Elathur Chettipalayam, now face legal consequences. Preliminary investigations reveal that Marappan was growing cannabis alongside other medicinal plants, using cannabis leaves for Siddha medicines. The case sheds light on the complexities of drug enforcement and the intersection of traditional medicine with illicit cultivation.

Cannabis plant leaves

The Cannabis Cultivation

The cannabis plants were found intermingled with sorghum and herbal plants, raising questions about the practitioner’s intentions. The arrest highlights the need for vigilance in monitoring agricultural practices and enforcing drug laws.

The Legal Implications

As the investigation continues, authorities will delve deeper into the motivations behind the cannabis cultivation. The case serves as a reminder that even seemingly innocuous agricultural activities can have serious legal consequences when they involve illicit substances.

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