How Women are Shaping the Future of Cannabis Industry

the Future of Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, thanks to the efforts and innovations of women leaders who are breaking barriers and setting new standards. In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, we highlight some of the achievements and challenges of female trailblazers in the Canadian cannabis sector.

Women-Owned Brands Redefine Quality and Inclusivity

One of the major challenges that women entrepreneurs face in the cannabis industry is the lack of access to funding, which limits their ability to compete with larger players and scale their businesses. According to a report by Marijuana Business Daily, only 27% of executive positions in the cannabis industry were held by women in 2019, down from 36% in 2015.

Despite this obstacle, women-owned brands are redefining the quality and inclusivity of cannabis products, by focusing on consumer needs, preferences, and education. For example, Zyre Brands, founded by Audrey Wong, is a premium cannabis wellness company that offers a range of products designed to enhance the health and happiness of women. Wong says, “It’s not just about being woman-owned; it’s about creating a legacy that transcends gender, inspiring others to pursue their dreams in an industry that historically hasn’t been the most inclusive.”

the Future of Cannabis Industry

Another example is Kiva Confections, a leading edibles brand that aims to provide consistent, high-quality, and flavorful cannabis experiences to consumers. The company, co-founded by Kristi Knoblich Palmer, uses contemporary packaging techniques, clear labeling, and standardized dosing to ensure safety and transparency. Palmer says, “We want to empower consumers to make informed choices about cannabis, and to enjoy it in a way that suits their lifestyle and wellness goals.”

Women Leaders Foster Collaboration and Mentorship

Another prevalent issue within the cannabis industry is the influence of “bro culture”, which can create a hostile and exclusive environment for women and other marginalized groups. Jen Meyers, founder and CEO of Zelca Ltd., a cannabis consulting firm, emphasizes the importance of addressing this issue and promoting diversity and inclusion. She says, “By creating an environment where everyone feels respected and valued, irrespective of gender, we can promote diversity, encourage collaboration, and foster empathy among all members.”

A common theme that emerged from our outreach is the importance and value of mentorship. Building strong networks with both mentors and peers can benefit the industry as a whole, by sharing knowledge, resources, and opportunities. Katie Pringle, CEO of Marigold Marketing & PR, a cannabis-focused agency, shares her experience of working under a talented female leadership team early in her career. She says, “I didn’t realize at the time how special and unique it was to work under a strong team of women. I still get together with these women and value their support and inspiration 15 years later.”

Women Consumers Drive the Demand for Cannabis Products

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve, so does the demand for cannabis products among women consumers. According to a report by BDSA, a cannabis sales data platform, women accounted for 38% of legal cannabis sales in the US in 2020, up from 35% in 2019. The report also found that women are more likely than men to consume cannabis for wellness purposes, such as pain relief, anxiety reduction, and sleep improvement.

The rise of women consumers is also driving the innovation and diversification of cannabis products, as brands cater to their specific needs and preferences. For example, some of the products that are popular among women include low-dose edibles, CBD-infused beauty products, and cannabis-infused beverages. Additionally, some brands are creating products that address women’s health issues, such as menstrual cramps, menopause symptoms, and sexual dysfunction.

The future of cannabis is female, as women play a vital role in shaping the industry as entrepreneurs, leaders, mentors, and consumers. By celebrating and supporting their contributions, we can create a more diverse, inclusive, and sustainable cannabis sector for everyone.

By Benjamin Parker

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