Cookies faces lawsuit over breach of contract in New York cannabis market

Cookies faces lawsuit

Cookies Retail accuses Cookies SF of violating exclusivity agreement

Cookies, a popular cannabis brand based in California, is being sued by one of its longtime retail partners in New York state. Cookies Retail, a company that operates several Cookies-branded cannabis stores across the country, claims that Cookies SF, the original company founded by Berner, broke an “exclusive” agreement to open the first Cookies-branded adult-use marijuana outlet in New York.

According to the lawsuit filed in state court in Manhattan on Jan. 24, Cookies Retail had invested over $100 million into expanding the Cookies brand throughout the United States, based on its exclusivity agreement with Cookies SF. The lawsuit alleges that Cookies Retail was negotiating with Cookies SF to open a Cookies-branded cannabis store at the location of a former Cookies clothing and CBD outlet in Manhattan’s Herald Square.

However, the lawsuit claims that Cookies SF went behind Cookies Retail’s back and partnered with another New York-based adult-use license holder, Culture House, to open a Cookies-branded cannabis store at the same location. The store, which opened earlier this week, is painted in the familiar Cookies shade of light blue and sports the familiar “C” logo on the building’s façade.

Cookies SF denies wrongdoing and claims Culture House is a separate entity

Cookies SF, on the other hand, denies any wrongdoing and argues that Culture House is a separate entity that is not affiliated with Cookies SF or its co-founder Berner. Cookies SF also claims that it did not breach any contract with Cookies Retail, as the agreement only covered medical marijuana and not adult-use marijuana, which was legalized in New York in 2021.

Cookies faces lawsuit

Cookies SF also contends that Cookies Retail does not have a valid adult-use license in New York, and that it was trying to circumvent the state’s regulations by opening a Cookies-branded store without proper authorization. Cookies SF says that it has complied with the state’s rules and regulations, and that it has partnered with Culture House, which is one of the few licensed adult-use operators in New York.

Cookies SF also accuses Cookies Retail of trying to tarnish the reputation of Cookies and its founder Berner, who was featured on the cover of Forbes last year and claimed that Cookies is worth $1 billion. Cookies SF says that Cookies Retail is acting out of jealousy and greed, and that it is seeking to exploit the Cookies brand for its own benefit.

New York’s cannabis market faces legal challenges and delays

The lawsuit between Cookies Retail and Cookies SF is not the only legal challenge facing New York’s cannabis market, which has been slow to roll out since the legalization of adult-use marijuana last year. The state has faced criticism and lawsuits from various stakeholders, including veterans, social equity applicants, and existing medical marijuana operators, who have raised concerns over the licensing process, the social equity fund, and the market structure.

The state’s Office of Cannabis Management (OCM), which is responsible for overseeing the cannabis industry, has been working to issue licenses and regulations, but has faced delays and difficulties due to the complexity and controversy of the new market. The OCM has also been trying to balance the interests of different groups, such as small businesses, minority communities, and existing operators, who have different expectations and demands from the cannabis industry.

The OCM has said that it expects to issue hundreds of licenses this year, and that it aims to create a diverse, inclusive, and competitive cannabis market in New York. The OCM has also said that it prioritizes the public health and safety of the consumers, and that it wants to eliminate the illicit market and generate tax revenue for the state.

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