Vitura and WholeLife join forces to expand medicinal cannabis access

Vitura and WholeLife

Vitura Health, a leading digital health and emerging therapeutics company, has announced a strategic partnership with WholeLife Pharmacy Group, one of Australia’s largest pharmacy networks, to provide a customised version of its CanView platform and distribute its own-branded medicinal cannabis products.

What is CanView and how does it work?

CanView is an online platform that delivers prescribing, dispensing and medication management solutions for medicinal cannabis. It enables registered health professionals to browse, prescribe and order medicines in one streamlined, compliant and free-to-use platform. CanView simplifies the prescribing and ordering process for both doctors and pharmacists. In addition, the platform equips patients to access the widest range of available products and easily manage their ongoing treatment journey.

How will the partnership benefit both parties and their customers?

Under the terms of the agreement, Vitura will provide WholeLife, including its franchisees, with a WholeLife branded version of the CanView platform for exclusive use by WholeLife’s network of pharmacies, patients and partnered prescribing doctors and practitioners. This will give WholeLife access to Vitura’s technology, product portfolio and distribution network, as well as increase its brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Vitura and WholeLife

Meanwhile, the deal gives Vitura exposure to WholeLife’s 22 pharmacies in high-footfall areas, with another 10 planned to open during 2024. WholeLife works in partnership with Cairns-based One Health Clinics, which provides face-to-face and telehealth consultations to 14,000 patients nationwide. As part of the agreement, Vitura, through subsidiary Burleigh Heads Cannabis, will also distribute WholeLife’s newly branded products which will be sold and distributed via its own-branded CanView platform.

What are the expected outcomes and impacts of the partnership?

The partnership is expected to increase the volume of medicinal cannabis products prescribed and distributed through the CanView platform, the number of patients and prescribers registered and using the platform’s functionality, and the market share and revenue of both Vitura and WholeLife. It will also enhance the workflow efficiencies, compliance reporting and customer service of both parties, as well as provide a turnkey operating solution for new franchisees.

The partnership is also expected to have a positive impact on the Australian medicinal cannabis industry and the healthcare ecosystem, by improving the accessibility, affordability and quality of medicinal cannabis products and services for patients who need them. It will also contribute to the education and awareness of the benefits and potential of medicinal cannabis among stakeholders, clinicians and consumers.

What are the comments from the CEOs of Vitura and WholeLife?

Rodney Cocks, CEO of Vitura, said that he is delighted to partner with WholeLife and integrate its CanView platform into WholeLife’s pharmacy network and clinical services. He said that the partnership will create a “win-win situation” for both companies and their customers, as well as support the growth and development of the medicinal cannabis sector in Australia.

Gary Mackenzie, CEO of WholeLife, said that he is excited to offer its customers a seamless experience with the WholeLife-branded CanView platform and access to a wider range of medicinal cannabis products, including the iconic North American brand Cookies. He said that the partnership will strengthen WholeLife’s position as a leading pharmacy group and a trusted provider of medicinal cannabis solutions.

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