Ziel’s Radio Frequency Technology for Cannabis Microbial Control Gets EU GMP Certification

Ziel’s Cannabis

Ziel, a company that specializes in radio frequency technology for cannabis microbial control, has announced that its product has received the first Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification in the European market. This means that its technology can be used to prevent microbial contamination and pathogens in cannabis flower, which is essential for ensuring the quality and safety of the product.

What is GMP and why is it important for cannabis?

GMP is a set of standards and regulations that medical manufacturers must follow in their product processing operations under the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The EMA coordinates and standardizes GMP activities at the European Union (EU) level. All entities that import, produce, process, or export cannabis to and within the EU are required to be GMP certified, representing a substantial investment and commitment to comply with these regulations.

GMP certification ensures that the products meet certain criteria of quality, safety, efficacy, and traceability. It also helps to protect consumers from potential harm caused by contaminated or mislabeled products. GMP certification can also facilitate trade and market access for cannabis products within the EU.

How does Ziel’s radio frequency technology work?

Ziel’s radio frequency technology uses electromagnetic waves to heat up cannabis flower without damaging its cells or enzymes. This process kills any microorganisms or pathogens that may be present on the surface of the plant material. The technology also preserves the natural aroma and flavor of each cannabis strain.

Ziel’s Cannabis

Unlike ionizing forms of radiation such as X-ray, gamma, and e-beam, radio frequency is a non-ionizing, thermal process compliant with organic processes. In the European market, radio frequency does not require additional labeling and licensing for use in cannabis decontamination. For example, Germany requires registration of all strains treated with ionizing radiation prior to distribution within the country; a process that takes 12 to 18 months and an administrative fee of €5,000 per strain.

What are the benefits of Ziel’s radio frequency technology?

Ziel’s radio frequency technology offers several advantages over other methods of microbial control for cannabis flower. Some of these benefits are:

  • It has a greater than 99% pass rate, meaning that it can effectively eliminate any microorganisms or pathogens on the plant material.
  • It has the highest volume throughput in the industry with the capacity to process 160 lb of cannabis in an eight-hour shift. This means that it can handle large-scale production efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • It can also be utilized in organic cannabis cultivation operations because it preserves the enzymatic properties that make each cannabis strain unique. This means that it does not alter or degrade any beneficial compounds or terpenes in the plant material.
  • It is suitable for all stages of post-harvest processing such as trimming, drying, curing, grinding, packaging, etc. This means that it can be integrated into any existing workflow without requiring major changes or modifications.

What are some examples of applications for Ziel’s radio frequency technology?

Ziel’s radio frequency technology can be applied to various types of cannabis products such as buds, leaves, stems, seeds, etc. Some examples of applications are:

  • Preparing buds for consumption by removing any unwanted contaminants such as mold spores or bacteria.
  • Drying buds at lower temperatures than conventional methods by reducing moisture content without affecting potency or flavor.
  • Curing buds at optimal conditions by enhancing terpene production and stability without causing oxidation or degradation.
  • Grinding buds into fine powder by breaking down cell walls without losing aroma or flavor.
  • Packaging buds into discreet containers by sealing them tightly without introducing any air gaps or moisture.

How can one learn more about Ziel’s radio frequency technology?

If you are interested in learning more about Ziel’s radio frequency technology for cannabis microbial control, you can visit their website at www.ziel.com. You can also contact them via email at info@ziel.com or phone at +1 (415) 800-9000.

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