More Budtenders Joining Unions in Canada: A Green Wave of Collective Action

Cannabis dispensary interior

In a surprising turn of events, cannabis store employees across Ontario are banding together, forming a “green wave” of unionization. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Local 1006A, one of Ontario’s largest private sector local unions, has been at the forefront of this movement. Let’s delve into the details and explore what’s driving this trend.

The Unionization Surge

Sessions Cannabis Leads the Way

Recently, employees at a Sessions Cannabis location in Hamilton, Ontario, made their voices heard by voting to join UFCW 1006A. This move adds to the growing list of cannabis retail stores represented by the union. Sessions Cannabis, with multiple locations across Hamilton and Ontario, has become a focal point for this surge in unionization.

Cannabis dispensary interior

Key Issues and Collective Strength

Why are budtenders and other cannabis store workers joining unions? Here are some key issues driving this movement:

  1. Benefits and Health Concerns: Employees seek better benefits and improved health and safety measures. As the cannabis industry grows, ensuring worker well-being becomes paramount.
  2. Staffing and Scheduling: Budtenders face unique challenges related to staffing and scheduling. Union representation allows them to advocate for fair working hours and equitable treatment.
  3. Workload and Responsibilities: With the cannabis market expanding, budtenders often take on increased responsibilities without corresponding pay. Unionization empowers them to negotiate for fair compensation.

The UFCW 1006A Difference

A Diverse Union

UFCW 1006A represents not only cannabis workers but also a wide range of industries. Their membership includes grocery retail, food processing, restaurants, hotels, security, retail commerce, laundry, warehousing/distribution, transit, and now cannabis.

Sessions Cannabis Red Hill Joins the Fold

The Sessions Cannabis location in Hamilton’s Red Hill area recently became the second Sessions store in the city to join UFCW 1006A. The new bargaining group comprises 10 members working as budtenders and key leads. Their collective strength will undoubtedly shape the future of cannabis retail labor rights.

Looking Ahead

As more cannabis stores recognize the value of union representation, the landscape is changing. UFCW 1006A’s commitment to cannabis workers remains unwavering. With each new member, the green wave grows stronger, advocating for fairness, safety, and dignity in the workplace.

By Lily Evans

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