The Great Cannabis Caper: Rodents Suspected in Disappearance of Seized Contraband

Dhanbad police station cannabis rats

In an unusual turn of events, the Dhanbad Police in Jharkhand have reported to the court a bizarre incident: nearly 19 kilograms of seized cannabis, including marijuana and ‘bhang’, have been allegedly consumed by rats in the police warehouse.

A Peculiar Predicament

The Dhanbad Police found themselves in a peculiar predicament when they were unable to produce 19 kilograms of cannabis for court proceedings. The cannabis had been seized back in 2018 from a man and his son, who were arrested for possession. The court was informed that the missing contraband, stored in the police warehouse, had been eaten by rats, leading to an investigation into the matter.

The claim has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions on the storage and safety protocols of seized items in police custody. It also highlights the challenges law enforcement agencies face in preserving evidence over extended periods.

Dhanbad police station cannabis rats

The Rodent Theory

The police’s rodent theory has been met with skepticism and humor on social media, with the public dubbing the furry creatures as ‘junkie rodents’. However, the implications of such an incident are serious, as it brings into question the security measures in place at the warehouse and the potential for evidence tampering or negligence.

The incident has prompted the police to reassess their storage facilities and procedures to prevent future occurrences. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining integrity in the chain of custody for criminal evidence.

Legal Labyrinth

The disappearance of the cannabis has created a legal labyrinth for the courts and the accused. With the primary evidence gone, the prosecution’s case may be significantly weakened. This situation underscores the critical nature of evidence preservation and the potential consequences when it fails.

The court is now faced with the task of navigating this unusual scenario, balancing the pursuit of justice with the realities of the evidence at hand.

By Amelia Brooks

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