Germany Legalizes Home Cultivation of Cannabis: A New Era Dawns


In a groundbreaking move, Germany has legalized home cultivation of cannabis, granting cannabis users a new place within society. As of April 1, 2024, adults can possess up to 25 grams of cannabis in public, hold 50 grams at home, and grow a maximum of three plants. This significant shift comes after years of debate and represents a major step toward normalizing cannabis use.

The Journey to Legalization

Germany’s journey toward cannabis legalization has been marked by both caution and progress. Here’s how it unfolded:


1. Decriminalization and Medical Use

In 2017, Germany legalized medical cannabis, allowing companies like Demecan to grow it for therapeutic purposes. However, strict security measures were in place due to its classification as a narcotic under German law.

2. The New Law

The recent law decriminalizes possession and home cultivation. For cannabis enthusiasts, this means newfound freedom. Dr. Philipp Goebel, managing director of Demecan, expressed enthusiasm about growing more cannabis and directly supplying pharmacies. Moreover, cannabis is no longer classified as a narcotic, making it accessible through prescriptions from any doctor.

3. Limits and Restrictions

While the law brings positive changes, it also imposes restrictions. Adults must be over 18 to possess cannabis, and smoking near places like playgrounds and sports centers is prohibited. The potency of THC (the psychoactive substance) will be limited, especially for those under 21. To prevent “drug tourism,” recreational cannabis can only be obtained through home cultivation or “cannabis clubs.” Residents must have lived in Germany for at least six months to participate.

Impact on Society

Steffen Geyer, head of the association of Cannabis Social Clubs, acknowledges that the law isn’t perfect but appreciates the reduction in prosecutions. Cannabis consumers can now carry 25 grams without fear of arrest. They are no longer the black sheep; they’re simply part of society, akin to alcohol, chocolate, or coffee users.

Looking Ahead

As Germany embraces cannabis, it’s not just about personal use. The law sets the stage for further reforms, including municipal pilot programs for state-controlled cannabis sales. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach hopes this marks the beginning of the end for the black market.

By Oliver Davies

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