New Hampshire Lawmakers Reject Plan for State-Run Cannabis Retail

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In a decisive move, members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives have rejected a plan that would have legalized adult-use marijuana sales through a state-run retail model. This rejection means that New Hampshire remains the only state in New England without a state-regulated adult-use cannabis market. Let’s explore the details of this legislative battle and its implications.

Background: The Governor’s Vision

Governor Chris Sununu had proposed a unique approach to cannabis legalization: a state-run retail model similar to how New Hampshire sells liquor. Under this plan, sales would have been strictly regulated, with no more than 15 state-run retail outlets. However, this approach faced significant opposition and ultimately failed to gain traction in the state House.

The Senate’s Revisions and the Midnight Hour

The state Senate made substantial revisions to a legalization bill that had previously passed the state House. These changes were aimed at aligning the legislation with Governor Sununu’s vision. However, the resulting bill was met with strong resistance. Republican state Representative John Hunt characterized it as “the ugliest, the most government-intrusive, the most over-regulated marijuana statute” in an effort to sway lawmakers to vote against it.

Cannabis dispensary interior


The Path Forward: More Negotiations

With the rejection of the state-run model, the bill now heads to a conference committee. However, finding common ground between the two drastically different approaches—state-run retail versus a more open market—remains a challenge. Negotiations will continue, but it remains uncertain whether a viable compromise can be reached.

Market Size and Impact

New Hampshire’s relatively small population and strict regulations make it one of the nation’s smallest cannabis markets. Less than 1% of state residents hold a medical marijuana recommendation. Despite this, the ongoing debate over legalization reflects the broader national conversation about cannabis policy and regulation.

A Lone Holdout in New England

As neighboring states move forward with their own cannabis markets, New Hampshire’s rejection of the state-run model sets it apart. Whether the state will eventually embrace adult-use cannabis sales through a different approach remains to be seen. For now, New Hampshire remains the lone holdout in New England, navigating the complexities of cannabis legislation.

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