Paul McCarthy: Steering C3 Towards New Horizons

Paul McCarthy C3 president

The Cannabis Council of Canada (C3) ushers in a new era of leadership with the appointment of Paul McCarthy, a seasoned executive with a rich tapestry of experience in both the public sector and the cannabis industry. McCarthy steps into the role of president at a pivotal time for C3, as the organization seeks to navigate the complexities of a burgeoning yet challenging market landscape.

A Fresh Perspective on Cannabis Advocacy

McCarthy’s ascension to the presidency of C3 marks a significant shift in the organization’s strategic direction. His background, which includes a notable tenure at Canopy Growth and extensive public service, equips him with a unique blend of insights that could prove invaluable in advocating for the Canadian cannabis industry.

The new president’s vision for C3 is clear: to spearhead regulatory reform and combat the illicit market. His approach is one of collaboration, aiming to work hand-in-hand with government bodies and stakeholders to foster an environment where the cannabis sector can thrive, contributing positively to Canada’s productivity and job market.

Paul McCarthy C3 president

The Journey from Public Service to Cannabis Leadership

McCarthy’s journey to the helm of C3 is a storied one, characterized by impactful public service and strategic roles within the cannabis sector. His achievements include managing the British Columbia component of the Infrastructure Stimulus program and leading the redesign of financial benefits for Canadian Armed Forces veterans, culminating in the Pension for Life initiative.

Transitioning to the cannabis industry, McCarthy brought his expertise to Canopy Growth, where he served as Head of Corporate Policy. His tenure at Canopy was marked by strategic initiatives that shaped the company’s domestic and international presence, setting the stage for his leadership role at C3.

Charting a Course for Industry Success

Under McCarthy’s leadership, C3 is poised to embark on a journey of transformation. The organization’s annual strategic plan, under his guidance, will focus on addressing the industry’s pressing challenges, including regulatory hurdles and market competition.

The board’s confidence in McCarthy’s ability to lead C3 is a testament to his track record of policy development and stakeholder engagement. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, McCarthy’s presidency is expected to be a driving force in advocating for a responsible, thriving cannabis market in Canada.

By Ethan Mitchell

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