Dark Web Drug Bust: Surat Resident Orders Rs 43 Lakh Worth of LSD and Hybrid Cannabis from Bangkok

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Introduction: In a significant drug bust, police have seized LSD and hybrid cannabis valued at Rs 43 lakh from an apartment in Surat. The drugs were reportedly ordered from Bangkok through the dark web by Partha Mandirwala, a resident of Adajan locality. Despite the raid, Mandirwala was not found at his residence.

The Dark Web Connection: A Sophisticated Operation

The Special Operations Group (SOG) received information that Mandirwala, residing in Krishnakunj Society, was using the dark web to purchase drugs from Bangkok. The dark web, a hidden part of the internet not indexed by regular search engines, allows users to access both legal and illegal activities. Mandirwala placed an order, and the contraband was discreetly sent via courier.

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The Raid: Seizing the Contraband

When the police raided Mandirwala’s residence, he was nowhere to be found. However, they discovered 21.820 grams of hybrid ganja and nine LSD blotter papers, totaling Rs 43,15,460 in street value. The accused faces charges under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, and authorities are actively pursuing his arrest.

The Growing Trend: Dark Web Drug Trade

Instances of drug peddlers using the dark web and social media to order narcotics from abroad and distribute them to youths in upscale neighborhoods have come to light. The allure of anonymity and the ability to conduct transactions beyond the reach of traditional law enforcement make the dark web an attractive platform for illegal activities.

A Battle Against Hidden Networks

As law enforcement agencies continue their fight against drug trafficking, the case of Partha Mandirwala underscores the challenges posed by the dark web. The battle to dismantle these hidden networks requires vigilance, technological expertise, and international cooperation. Surat’s drug bust serves as a stark reminder that the fight against narcotics extends beyond physical borders and into the digital realm.

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