Unregulated Sources: The Go-To for Utah’s Medical Cannabis Patients

Utah medical cannabis study

Despite the availability of state-licensed dispensaries, a significant portion of Utah’s medical cannabis patients are turning to unregulated sources to obtain their medication. This trend raises concerns about the safety and quality of the products being consumed and highlights the challenges faced by patients in accessing affordable and convenient medical cannabis.

Accessibility and Affordability Issues

Many patients find that the cost of medical cannabis at licensed dispensaries is prohibitively high, which drives them to seek alternative sources. The lack of dispensaries in close proximity to patients’ homes also contributes to this issue, as does the limited variety of products available through legal channels. These factors combine to create a situation where patients are forced to choose between following the law and obtaining their medication in a way that is feasible for them.

The state’s medical cannabis program is still in its infancy, and as it continues to develop, it is crucial that these accessibility and affordability issues are addressed. Ensuring that patients have easy access to a wide range of affordable medical cannabis products is essential for the success of the program and the well-being of the patients it serves.

Utah medical cannabis study

The Risks of Unregulated Cannabis

When patients turn to unregulated sources for their medical cannabis, they expose themselves to a number of risks. Products obtained from these sources may be contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals, or other harmful substances. Additionally, the potency and dosage of unregulated cannabis products can be inconsistent, making it difficult for patients to manage their symptoms effectively.

The state must take steps to ensure that medical cannabis is tested and regulated to protect patient safety. This includes implementing stringent quality control measures and educating patients about the risks associated with unregulated cannabis.

The Path Forward

To address the issue of patients obtaining medical cannabis from unregulated sources, the state needs to consider a multifaceted approach. This could involve reducing taxes on medical cannabis, increasing the number of dispensaries, and expanding the list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis use. Additionally, efforts should be made to destigmatize the use of medical cannabis and to educate both patients and healthcare providers about its benefits.

By taking these steps, Utah can ensure that its medical cannabis program meets the needs of its patients and sets a standard for other states to follow.

By Amelia Brooks

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