Strains with High CBD Contents

strains with high cbd content

Cannabidiol is a cannabis ingredient that can give physical and mental benefits without inducing ‘high’ associated with THC. Those who are keen on trying CBD to alleviate pain or anxiety symptoms can look at following strains having high amounts of CBD.

strains with high cbd content


Sativa-dominant CBD strain is made from Cannatonic, and it has up to 20% CBD and from 0.42% to 6% THC. makes it a popular CBD-rich strain among every kind of smoker. Its flavor is similar to pine, even though many say that it has a little bit of sweet taste too.

Almost everyone reports feeling a rise in energy levels, relaxation and focus, which makes ACDC a good option for consumption in daytime. Some successfully used it to alleviate signs of migraine, inflammation, anxiety, pain, nausea and . It may help ease some undesirable effects of treatment, chemotherapy as well.


strain is a cross of Sour Tsunami and Harlequin, and it can have equal contents of THC and CBD or its CBD content can be twenty times greater than former. Harle-Tsu is rare, but growing popularity of bud is expected to change . Harle-Tsu tastes pretty much like tea, and it may enhance appetite.

Some say that it alleviates symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder and premenstrual syndrome and that it helps with joint pain, insomnia problems, and depression.

Ringo’s Gift

is another hybrid of the two strains mentioned above. It is available in the market in many rations and has up to 24% CBD to 1% THC. strain’s flavor is woody and earthy, similar to ACDC’s, but it also has strong flavors of citrus.

At start, most people who consume it feel focused, relaxed, and high then goes right through their body, leaving them relaxed without being couch-locked. Usually, people who inhale Ringo’s Gift say that they use it to alleviate the many symptoms of arthritis, post-traumatic stress disorder, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Charlotte’s Web

A strain with very low amounts of THC, Charlotte’s Web has up to 20% CBD. People use it as cannabidiol oil. It tastes mostly sweet citrus, but with some amount of floral flavor. The strain has almost no THC, so it usually does not have any cerebral effects, and it is good for people who want to avoid feeling high. Some users say that the strain helps with muscle spasms, pain, and anxiety associated with migraines, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. Others also report that their symptoms of seizure disorder reduced as a result of using it.

By Ethan Mitchell

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